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With the help of intelligent irrigation, you will gain at least 20% more profit !

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To achieve excellent results, the following three steps are carried out accuracy.

  •   Step 1: Farm Visit and Form Completion by Irrigation Expert.
  •  Step 2: Sending the intelligent irrigation scheduling to the farmer.
  •  Step 3: Precise implementation of the intelligent irrigation scheduling on the farm by the farmer, and if necessary, sending feedback on the execution.



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Intelligent irrigation should:

  •   Be in accordance with water availability conditions.
  •   User-friendly and easy implementation.
  •   In line with daily weather conditions.

Continuous communication

The farmer views the optimized scheduling daily and easily reports the actual implementation of the irrigation scheduling to the system if necessary.

Regular irrigation of plots

The plant plots are irrigated regularly, side by side, without temporal overlap or interference.

Easy operation

Implementation is done in a short time on the farm. Optimal irrigation scheduling are presented by simple language.


Optimum irrigation is performed in the right place and at the appropriate time.

A company expert visits your farm, and all the necessary information will be entered into the system. The farmer will have access to the optimum intelligent irrigation scheduling after one day.

Intelligence Irrigation scheduling

by taking into account with the water availability and characteristics of the irrigation systems, an orderd irrigation sceduling for the plots side by side is provided. If requested by the farmer, the best cultivation pattern is also calculated.

Utilizing the reservoir

If there is a farm reservoir available, the best utilization scheduling will be provided.

Agricultural meteorology

Online agricultural weather forecasting provides accurate weather information specifically for the farm location. This information plays a crucial role in optimizing irrigation scheduling. Additionally, farmers can utilize this data for agricultural operations.

Integration with automation

Artificial intelligence is employed in the system to enable it to operate independently without the need for sensor installation and automation. However, in the presence of automation, artificial intelligence communicates the optimal irrigation scheduling to the automation system.

Irrigation and Intelligence

Decision-making regarding irrigation management and scheduling is done by artificial intelligence.
The practical execution of irrigation operations is carried out either by irrigator or with the assistance of an automation system if any.

An intelligence irrigation system can be beneficial when it understands the real conditions of the farm and the limitations in water access (water right).

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Each farm has an sweet point for proper irrigation. This point varies depending on the water access conditions.

Marshall english

pro. oregon university

Intelligence irrigation is the utilization of the appropriate amount of water in the right place and at the right time to achieve optimal irrigation efficiency.

Brian Kemp

University of Georgia

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